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Parking and Traffic Safety

Our parking lot will be available for you to park in during most evening events.  The staff park on the playground whenever possible to free up the parking lot and streets for family use.  The doors to enter the building will be either the front doors by the office or the courtyard near the music classrooms and lunchroom.  All other will doors will remain locked.

Parking in the bus loop is not allowed during school hours. The bus loop is a fire lane. Any curb that is painted red in the bus loop or in our upper parking lot means that no parking is allowed at any time. Our local police have been known to be present during events to enforce parking regulations. The cost of a ticket for parking in the fire lane is $250 and your car will be impounded. We have worked closely with our local police and firefighters to ensure everyone is safe while on campus. Our firefighters have visited our school during a busy traffic time where many cars lined the streets and parking lot and noted that their truck would not fit.  YIKES!  Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep everyone safe while on school grounds.

Student safety begins with you!  While in the pick-up and drop-off lane, please follow the rules below to ensure that all students are safe at all times. 

  • Adults stay in car at all times. If you need to assist your child getting in or out of the car, you will need to park rather than use the drop off/pick up lane.
  • Students are ready to exit. Have coats on and backpacks/lunches nearby when you leave your house rather than waiting until it is time to exit. 
  • Say your "Good byes", "I love yous" and reminder of the pick up plans as soon as you enter the parking lot. 
  • Drive slowly. Plan your drop off time so that it allows for traffic. If you are on a tight schedule, taking the bus, walking or carpooling is a better option than arriving to school late or speeding through the neighborhood and/or parking lot.
  • Engage civilly. Moments of frustration are bound to occur, especially when safety is a concern. Remembering our Culture of Kindness and our District's Civility Regulation are important.

Thank you for keeping our students safe!

Map of Creekside Elementary parking lot showing student drop off and pick up routes