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Revolutionizing Art Accessibility for the Blind with Robotics

Student stands in front of display with awards

Aakash, a 5th grader, competed in the American Robotics Open Championship in New Jersey! Aakash entered into the competition with a group of Elementary School / Middle School students. They competed against 60 groups from across the country and placed 2nd overall and 1st in the Robotics Performance Section.

Aakash and his group worked to answer the question "Why isn’t art more accessible to blind folks?"  As a group, they worked with robotics to create 3-D print images of famous paintings so that blind people could experience the art in a tactile manner. Additionally, they put together recordings placed directly next to the art piece that talk through the piece so that a blind person can understand what they are feeling. Their work is currently on display at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts! Soon, they will be bringing their work to 5 Schools for the Blind in Washington AND the Bellevue Museum of Art!

Learn more about their project!


Student stands in front of display with awards


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