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New Social & Emotional Learning Assembly!

Students listen to a speaker during the SEL assembly in an auditorium

Purposeful People Curriculum:

The Purposeful People Curriculum is a comprehensive character education program designed to instill essential character traits in our students. This is a supplemental curriculum alongside our adopted Second Step district curriculum, which aims to nurture the whole child by emphasizing the importance of character development. The curriculum covers a range of character traits, from kindness and empathy to perseverance and responsibility. Through engaging lessons, interactive activities, and relatable stories, students are encouraged to reflect on their behavior, understand the impact of their actions on others, and strive to be the best versions of themselves.

Monthly Assemblies on Character Traits: To complement the Purposeful People Curriculum, we hold monthly assemblies that spotlight a specific character trait. These assemblies serve multiple purposes:

  1. Highlighting Importance: By dedicating an entire assembly to a single trait, we underscore its significance and provide students with a deeper understanding of its value.
  2. Real-life Examples: We often invite guest speakers or showcase stories that exemplify the trait in action, allowing students to see tangible examples of the trait being practiced in real-life situations.
  3. Student Recognition: During these assemblies, we also take the opportunity to recognize and celebrate students who have demonstrated the trait in exceptional ways throughout the month. This not only rewards positive behavior but also sets a standard for other students to aspire to.
  4. Community Building: These gatherings foster a sense of community, as students, teachers, and sometimes even parents come together to reflect on the importance of good character and shared values.

The Purposeful People supplemental curriculum and our monthly character trait assemblies are integral parts of our commitment to holistic education. We believe that by nurturing both the mind and the heart, we are equipping our students with the tools they need to lead successful, meaningful, and purposeful lives.

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