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Fifth Graders Succeed in "Math is Cool" Competition

Students on stage with their awards

It is with immense pride and excitement that we share the phenomenal success of our 5th graders in the recent "Math is Cool" competition. This esteemed event brought together over 400 students from 30 schools across Washington, including public, private, and independent institutions, all vying for the top spot and a chance to qualify for the state championships.

The competition was a testament to our students' dedication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, challenging them with individual and team tests, Mental Math, College Bowl, and various other rigorous segments.

First Place Team Victory

Our eight remarkable Creekside 5th graders displayed unparalleled teamwork and intellect, securing the First Place Team Prize in our division. This incredible achievement was the result of collective effort, preparation, and the spirit of Creekside's commitment to excellence in education.

Team #1:

  • Rishi P.
  • Arjun J.
  • Vikram S.
  • Keya N.

Team #2:

  • Aakash A.
  • Ishaan B.
  • Ayaan T.
  • Leran X.

In an extraordinary display of individual brilliance, Vikram S., Ishaan B., and Rishi P. clinched the top three spots in the Individual Contest. Their success highlights the depth of talent and dedication within our student body.

Moreover, Vikram S. earned the prestigious title of the best in school, marking him as our leading mathlete this year.

As we celebrate these outstanding achievements, let's also look forward to the potential of qualifying for the state Masters championships in May, to be held in Moses Lake. We eagerly await further news and are hopeful for our students' continued success.

Warmest congratulations to our students, and a heartfelt thank you to our PTSA leaders, parents, coaches, and everyone who supports our champions in every endeavor.

Go Otters!



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