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Code of Conduct


The primary focus at Creekside Elementary School is on the academic success of every student. We seek to build within each child a love of learning, a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, a positive self- image, and respect for others. Students are expected to make positive behavior choices that promote their safety, the safety of others, and a productive learning environment. This code of contact is designed to:

  • Support our school mission, vision and goals by helping students develop attitudes, habits, and skills that encourage their success and learning.
  • Describe practices to understand and address the causes of adverse behaviors and support productive behaviors, reconciliation and problem solving.
  • Collaborate and communicate with families. Partnerships between home and school are critical to developing student’s conflict resolution skills and positive personal choices.
  • Prevent escalation of behaviors such as harassment, intimidation, and bullying.


School discipline is a collaborative effort by the parents, guardians, students, and staff. The focus of the Creekside Elementary School code of conduct is to promote positive behavior choices by recognizing students who engage in consistent positive behavior. However, mistakes are a natural part of growth. We help students reflect on errors in judgment and behavior and support them in learning how to make better decisions. We teach and model positive behavior including being safe, respectful, responsible and kind. We encourage students to make independent decisions and act responsibly towards others and with property.

When this occurs, we believe that a very positive and productive learning environment will result, enabling students to strive for excellence.

Code of Conduct (PDF)
First page of the PDF file: CodeofConduct