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I can’t believe it is June 16! One more day of school in the 2021-2022 school year! This has been an amazing year. You will hear a lot of people (including myself at times) say that it was a hard year. But, let’s focus instead on what else is was…it was the year we welcomed all our students back full time into the building. What an honor and a treat. It just was not the same here without them. It was the year that we adapted and adjusted again and again. It was the year that we started welcoming volunteers back into our building. We missed you too! We are looking forward to welcoming more and more! The lives of our children are enriched when our volunteers and community are able to work side by side with us. It was the year that we learned just how resilient we all are as we adapted and changed and adjusted and changed again. It was the year we learned we CAN do hard things and we did them with grace and compassion. It was a year that we didn’t just survived – we thrived! It was a year that we will never forget.


Thank you to the staff of Creekside for making this such a great year of learning, growing and resilience. Thank you for teaching the students perseverance and grace through example. Thank you to the families and communities of Creekside. Thank you for teaching your children patience, kindness and cooperation through your examples. And thank you to the students of Creekside. Thank you for teaching all the adults in your world how to adapt, how to go with it, how to adjust. Thank you for teaching us how to jump right in and not be afraid to live in these changing times. Thank you for showing us that we can continue to learn, grow and thrive in less than ideal circumstances.


Was this a hard year? I suppose they all are in their own ways. But, I am so thankful to have gone through it with the Creekside Community. We did it! And we are stronger for it.


To our 5th Graders, our students that are moving and all their families – we will truly miss you. Best of luck on all your new adventures. To our incoming Kindergarteners – we are just as excited as you are to have you join us!


Rest up! Summer goes fast and soon we will be walking through these halls together again. Do some reading, keep your skills strong, get outside, try something new, be safe. We will see you soon!


Amy Allison