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Creekside Staff Update for 2022-2023

General Announcement

Each year we have to say goodbye to some of our beloved staff as they embark on new adventures. While this is always sad, it allows us to welcome new Otters into this amazing community. We may continue to see changes over the summer, but here is our Creekside Staff as we know it today.



Samantha Helfen

Nicole Min

Rylie Motley

Erin Pasley

Stephanie Yea


First Grade

Laurissa Engelhardt

Joy Hartmann

Sheridan Rockwell

Leann Schumacher

Jessica Stephens

Second Grade

Daniele Merrick

Lindsey Oss

Alexis Shults

Bree Russell

One Open Position


Third Grade

Eric Emsky

Marisa Fixman

Kim Goodman

Trevor Peden

Kelli Stonebreaker

Fourth Grade

Lisa McLemore/Kasie Pranghofer (Job Share)

Liz Yanev

Two Open Positions

5th Grade

Carrie Alexander

Sharon Gelbrich

Nikki McGrath

Dan Reich

Maureen Walmsley



Stephanie De Jesus (SAGE)

Ellen Hurst (LAP)

Sarah Moniak (LRC)



Jim Abernethy (Music)

John Gurule (PE)

Carmen Hart (Library)

David Johnson (Music)

Makinlee Sellevold (PE)

Julie Siefkes (Library)




Goodbye and Good Luck to:

Caroline Bain – Kindergarten

Cherie Dodd – Second Grade

Kristine Hannley – Second Grade

Samantha Caiarelli – Third Grade

Sandy Huang – Third Grade

Christa Eadson – Fourth Grade

Tatum Phillips – Fourth Grade

Bo Bestvina – Fifth Grade

Denise Smith – Assistant Principal

Jilian Murdock – Instructional Coach

Lynda Petry – Building Paraprofessional

Linda Relano – LRC Paraprofessional      

Pragna Joshi – SLP

Dayna Talley – OT

Vita Romano – School Psychologist


Welcome New Otters:

Lindsey Oss – Second Grade

Nikki McGrath – Fifth Grade

Shaun Cornwall – Assistant Principal