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Front of Creekside Elementary School


The Creekside Elementary community will work collaboratively to provide a safe, engaging, supportive, and challenging environment, ensuring that all students meet their highest potential in academics and citizenship while honoring their personal strengths.

Vision and Value

  • We believe the effectiveness of a school is determined on the basis of the conduct, character and achievement of its students. At Creekside, students demonstrate good citizenship by internalizing a code of conduct and a desire to be active, positive role models in the community. They receive and give respect to all members and aspects of the community. Students are enthusiastic life-long learners and teachers.
  • At Creekside, in order to attain this vision, staff model and reinforce good citizenship. Creekside staff also provide opportunities for community service. Every day at Creekside, staff members demonstrate and teach students how to show respect to others, we model our passion for learning and provide authentic, engaging activities to encourage the love of learning.
  • We believe a school can only be as good as the staff who work there. At Creekside, all staff members collaborate to learn from one another and support student learning. We celebrate, encourage and support each other through positive interaction, trust and mutual respect. Staff recognizes and values individual strengths. We seek to understand and are committed to continual growth and learning.
  • At Creekside, in order to attain our vision, staff work collaboratively to develop and share effective instructional strategies; we find and utilize all available resources and student information to support student learning. We listen with open minds and hearts to better understand one another. We ask clarifying questions and share ideas and opinions respectfully.
  • We believe a safe, supportive environment is conducive to learning and each student is a valued member of our community. Our climate is characterized by a fun, energetic work environment for both students and staff. All community members are honored, supported and valued for their uniqueness. Kindness, respect and acceptance radiate throughout. We create a welcoming environment where everyone may take risks, both socially and academically.
  • At Creekside, we teach the importance of good manners, kindness and respect through the modeling of appropriate interactions. We provide a safe and accepting environment by listening and ensuring each voice is heard. We celebrate the unique character of each person in the classroom, at assemblies, on the playground and throughout the school.
  • We recognize that the leadership of a school ~ both formal and informal ~ is critical to its success. At Creekside, our leaders implement shared leadership; we recognize and use staff expertise. We lead with the best interest of our staff, students and community. Our leaders initiate collaboration, delegate when necessary and capitalize on EACH staff member’s strengths. We listen with open minds and hearts when solving problems and will promote a positive, goal oriented environment that respects staff and puts students first.
  • Every staff member uses his/her unique leadership skills for the benefit of the school community. We challenge ourselves to grow by seeking relevant training, seeking staff members who can lead us in this growth. We work collaboratively to provide leadership.
  • Our district’s core curriculum specifies the knowledge and skills that all students are to learn. At Creekside, we ensure that all students learn by using frequent formative assessment to guide instruction, enabling all students to reach their full potential. We teach students to set goals and reflect on their progress. A variety of materials are provided that improve and reinforce understanding of the world around them. Needs are recognized and appropriate enrichment opportunities are offered.
  • We teach our students to set attainable goals and develop specific plans for achieving them. We provide frequent opportunities for students to reflect on their progress towards a goal.
  • We believe that effective, two way partnerships with parents and the community are critical to our students’ success. At Creekside, this partnership is characterized by open communication, mutual appreciation and respect and frequent interaction between school and outside community.
  • We establish and welcome relationships with parents and the community by involving them as partners in meeting our mission.


  • Creekside was built with state of the art technology in mind (wireless capability, 4:1 ratio of laptops and desk top stations, ActivBoards, document cameras, and sound systems in each room, a 30 station computer lab and additional mini lab in the library) balanced with a green design (an increased emphasis on day lighting and natural ventilation strategies to reduce energy consumption, use of clean, renewable products such as seed board, and rain gardens to filter water before it returns as groundwater). We received King County Level l, II and III Green School Awards for student and staff involvement in environmental stewardship, including food and paper recycling and raised bed gardens.  Creekside was the recipient of the 2011 Terry Husseman Sustainable School Award, achieved Green Leader School Pillar One status, and the Certificate of Excellence in 2012’s Zero Waste Challenge. 
  • Creekside staff have created a supportive Professional Learning Community culture where staff members participate in ongoing school-wide professional development to stay abreast of current research and best practices and to find ways to meet the diverse needs of our students.
  • Creekside has been awarded various grants: a K-5 guided reading leveled book room, art supplies, and numerous enrichment grants from the Issaquah Schools Foundation, and additional art materials from the Issaquah Arts Commission.
  • Music and the arts are very important at Creekside and each grade level performs an evening concert. Students learn how to play marimbas, guitars, and recorders, and fourth and fifth graders may participate in an extracurricular choir and marimba clubs. Our PTSA sponsors a strong art docent program and provides grade level grants to bring artists into the classrooms.
  • 5th grade students participate in a three day/two night environmental education program at Camp Colman in Longbranch, WA.
  • Students may participate in school sponsored activities such as Student Council, Safety Patrol, Global Readers, Math Olympiad, Cross Country Club, Waste Watchers, Newspaper Club, and Homework Club. Other after school programs include Chess, Art, Chinese, and Spanish.
  • Otter Club, a branch of the District’s on-site school age care programs, offers a fun, safe environment for children before and after school.
  • Creekside enjoys a very strong PTSA partnership.  Family fun activities include our Fall fundraiser ("Hawk-a-Thon"), Family Science Night, Spelling Bee, Art Docent program, Destination Imagination, Cultural Fair, Talent Show, Movie Night, Halloween Bash, and Reflections Art program.

Improving student achievement

Creekside combines writing and thinking for our Continuous Improvement Plan focus. Emphasis includes professional development in STAR Protocol (Skills/Knowledge, Thinking, Application, Relationships) and instructional practices for staff and goal setting with planning and reflective strategies for students. One-to-one and peer writing conferences during daily Writers’ Workshops helps teachers meet the needs of all writers.  Creekside students build leadership notebooks (goal setting and data collection) which are showcased during student participatory conferences.

Special programs

Special programs include Special Education pull-out/drop-in programs with certificated and classified staff, Learning Assistance Program (LAP) to support developing readers and mathematicians, English Language Learner (ELL) support for students learning English, SAGE (Special Approach to Gifted Education) for qualifying 3-5th grade students, and the V.O.I.C.E. (Volunteers OIssaquah Supporting Education) mentorship program.